Abuse by Authority Figures

The sexual abuse of minors by authority figures is far too common and the effects can be devastating.  The perpetrators are typically individuals who are liked and trusted by the child and his or her family.  Our office has developed a niche in the representation of families throughout the United States whose children  have been subjected to sexual and other abuse by camp counselors, school teachers, coaches and clergy members. The ramifications of such abuse are long-reaching and can require years of counseling which places a huge financial and emotional burden on both victim and family.  In almost every case, the abuser had committed similar acts previously and would have kept on abusing if our clients hadn’t come forward. If a loved one has been subjected to this kind of abuse, it is imperative that a lawyer who understands the causes, patterns and effects of this abuse be involved if the victim and family are going to recover adequate financial support to allow a full recovery without further taxing an already difficult emotional situation with money concerns.

Reaching out is the first step, and we’ll take it from there.  Contact our office for a discreet and cost-free consultation today.

Our Philosophy

We believe injured people should be treated with respect and dignity. When people get hurt, they worry about medical treatment, their families, their work and whether the insurance company will treat them fairly. We make sure they don't have to worry about their lawyer.

Our Results

Since 1993, John Lyndon Lowery has collected millions of dollars for his clients. Accident victims, injured workers, mass transport users, children abused by authority figures, sexually harassed women and others have all benefited from our aggressive but empathetic approach to practicing law. The bottom line: if we take a case, we usually win it.